Newborn Photography

There is nothing more precious than a newborn. Few people are not moved by these small, vulnerable, beautiful beings. It stirs the heart. Freestyle Event Photography are here to capture those first special moments. To take photos of infants in posed and unposed moments and to give you lasting memories as well as something to hand to your children as they leave home!

What poses do we use for baby photography?

Most newborns are wriggling and moving their limbs - so it’s our job to find cute poses through gentle encouragement, to make sure you get the best baby portraits. Generally, a newborn photographer will begin with some standard baby poses: on their backs, sides and stomachs. We use lighting and a variety of props, which includes sheepskin rugs, blankets, headbands and skirts and alphabet blocks to enhance the poses. We encourage parents to add their own personal props that might have special meaning. For special effects, a bubble machine might be used.

Where do we take the baby portraits?

We like to take photos at the babies home, as this is where they are most comfortable. A newborn photographer will bring all the equipment they need with them, so all that a parent needs to do, is make sure there is some open space available,  like a living room floor. Have a large window nearby will assist with lighting.

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