Family Photography Auckland

As with our wedding photography, for this genre we use fewer formal poses, but focus on a more candid style. We call this documentary photography or family photojournalism and it’s an approach that we enjoy.

It’s about capturing your family just as they are, the real moments when family members are in the company of each other: unscripted, unposed, non-directed photography. We document your first day as a mother or father, or your grandfather's 100th birthday. This type of photography requires that you do nothing except be yourself, while our goal is to slip in almost unnoticed, to document your family life.

We offer our availability as your record keepers while your family grows. We suggest a yearly family photography album so that you can track your family’s evolution. And we know that research has shown that children's self-esteem and the reinforcing of family bonds is greatly influenced by seeing themselves in photographs and recalling experiences shared with others within the family.

Chris and Jasmin have extensive family photography skills and knowledge and work together to accomplish memorable family photography for your family to cherish for years to come!

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